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About Company
Euro-Eko-Pak is a manufacturer of packaging for food's, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry with complex service studies of graphic patterns of packaging. Using machine of the highest class, it offers customers service of flexo-graphic printing in 6 colors.

The Cerificate of ISO 9001:2000 was implemented in 2003.

The company Euro-Eko-Pak exists on the market of packaging materials since 1978 year. Having over twenty years practice and experience in accommodating customers needs, it cooperates with many Polish firms and companies from Russia, Lithuania and other eastern markets. It also cooperates from well-known and famous firms in Europe.

Euro-Eko-Pak offers very wide range of packaging mainly onto needs of food's industry:
  • aluminum lids (for example yoghurt lids) in sizes: Ø95,5 mm, Ø75,5 mm, Ø101,0 mm, 142×92 mm,118x78mm and also in sizes having accord to wish of customer
  • foils laminate servants to packing of butters, margarine, cottage cheeses, cheese of type fromage, cheese of type sheep - milk cheese
  • parchment to packagings butters, cottage cheese , lard
  • foils polipropyle new servant
  • foils to packing of sweets etc.
  • foils polythene used in production of cooling industry e.g. of chips, strawberries, pies, milk)
  • foils three-ply triplex, duplex, paper of aluminum polythene, used in production of packaging to coffee, spice, fertilizers to plants and in cosmetic industry
  • vacuum bags from foil of type PA/PE
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